Introduction to Aarc

This is an overview of the Aarc in general and our mission and vision for Web3 ecosystem.

Aarc is a modular network designed for unified, omnichain decentralized applications (dApps). Aarc developers can seamlessly unify users' accounts and liquidity from any blockchain without the complexities of multi-chain deployment, dApp migration, or contract modifications. Using our intuitive and use-case-specific SDKs, developers can create chain-agnostic dApps in just a few days. In today's multi-chain environment, Aarc aims to create a future where dApps can function without the burden of chain-specific considerations and quickly access a multi-chain user base.

What We Offer

  1. One Integration - Any Chain, Any User: A single integration allows dApps to go live on all supported chains (65+, including EVMs) without multiple deployments or contract modifications.

  2. Unified Wallet Interface: The Aarc OmniAccount enables end-users to manage their identity, liquidity, and transactions from a single entity, unifying user experience.

  3. Go live < 1 week with Zerotouch integration: Our product stack offers a zero-touch solution for dApp integration. No changes to your dApp smart contracts are needed. Simply integrate the SDKs and APIs.

Why Now? We Envision a Future Beyond Cross-Chain or Multi-Chain

The rapid expansion of Ethereum and its shift towards a rollup-centric roadmap has led to multiple Layer 2 solutions, each operating independently. This fragmentation results in a complex maze of ecosystems with over 50 rollups and a total value locked (TVL) of $32 billion, creating significant barriers to scalability and user accessibility. The isolated nature of these developments complicates usability and hinders the overall potential of Web3 to onboard the next billion users.

Our Mission: Making Dapps Easy to Use and Onboard

We aim to simplify the process for developers to create modular, interoperable dapps that offer a unified user experience with minimal effort. We strive to eliminate the challenges posed by network silos, making dApp creation as straightforward as possible. We aim for dApps to be effective, universally compatible, and user-friendly.

Our Vision: An Omnichain Future Where We Transcend All Chains

Our vision at Aarc is to create a future of integrated modularity, where liquidity, identity, and gas are unified across dapps, users, and chain ecosystems. We envision a future where dApps can operate seamlessly across all chains, not just their home ground network. With Aarc, dApps can scale effortlessly, transforming networks into mere settlement layers rather than isolated platforms.

Our Beliefs: Principles and Ethos

  1. Permissionless and Modular: We support fast, scalable development with permissionless, modular systems, removing unnecessary barriers.

  2. Developer-Centric Approach: Prioritizing the developer experience, our infrastructure is user-friendly, efficient, and custom-made for developers.

  3. Agile and Responsive Development: We ensure quick, quality delivery, valuing community and customer insights for relevant, superior offerings.

You can book a session directly with the team or contact us via Telegram for support or feedback.

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