Deposit API

This is the single API required to get the calldata for your deposit transactions.

Deposit calldata

The /deposit-calldata endpoints get you the best way to deposit funds from your user's balance into your application while utilizing the user's assets for the gas fee.


Let's consider that your application wants to accept TokenA on ChainA.

There are different scenarios where this endpoint will handle everything for you.

ScenariosAPI Response

Users have TokenA on ChainA

Calldata generated for Direct Transfer

Users have TokenB on ChainA

Calldata generated for Swap on ChainA

Users have TokenA on ChainB

Calldatra generated for bridging TokenA from ChainB to ChainA

Users have TokenB on ChainB

Calldata generated for swapping and bridging the TokenB from ChainB to TokenA on ChainA.

NOTE: This currently works with a SINGLE TOKEN ONLY, which means you can deposit a single token in your application.

This API only provides the calldata. Learn how to execute the calldata here.

There are some more endpoints provided here.

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