Dashboard Setup (Get API Key)

Description to how to setup dashboard and get API key

  1. Go to the Aarc Developer Dashboard on dashboard.aarc.xyz

  2. Sign up/log in with your email or wallet.

  3. Once logged in, generate an API key to use our services.

  1. Please keep the API key safe. The same API can be used across all Aarc Developer Kits.

  1. If you need gasless transactions, head to the Gas Tank section, where you can deposit USDC, which will be used to sponsor gas fees for your users.

NOTE: We only accept USDC on Polygon Mainnet & Polygon Mumbai Testnet. However, these funds can be transacted on any supported mainnet or testnet.

  1. Once you make a deposit, you should be able to see the USD balance in the balance section. If it is not automatically updated, please hit the refresh button.

  2. In the transaction history section, you can see the transactions and on which transactions your USDC deposit was used to sponsor gas.

Woohoo!!! You have successfully completed the first step towards great web3 UX. Let's move further and learn what all you can with the AARC ❇️

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