Aarc SmartChain

This is an overview of the Aarc SmartChain (Testnet soon).

Aarc SmartChain is a modular and permissionless coordination rollup for quick and secure state synchronization and settlement across all L1 blockchains and L2 networks. It is built on top of Arbitrum and relies on a network of decentralized sequencers for transaction validation. These decentralized sequencers are integral to our BastionAVS, which operates on top of the EigenLayer, ensuring the utmost security and speed for your transactions.

Goals of Aarc Smartchain

  1. Provide a general-purpose execution environment (EVM compatible).

  2. Host the end-user Omnichain Smart Account.

  3. Serve as a horizontal coordination layer for users and dApps on other networks.

  4. Provide synchronization and validation to the overall Omnichain infrastructure.

More details will be posted soon! Testnet soon!

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