OpenAuth Kit

This is an overview of the OpenAuth Kit, including the API, SDK, and Widgets. This developer kit is geared toward wallet abstraction via MPC-TSS and State Synchronisation.

The OpenAuth Kit is one of three foundational infrastructure kits that streamline the user onboarding process without adding fragmentation. This kit further promotes the development of smooth omnichain dApps. With the OpenAuth Kit, users can deploy an interoperable address using any social authentication, all secured by multi-party computation (MPC).

OpenAuth Offerings

Open Auth supports multiple OAuth providers for user authentication and account creation, such as -

  • Email, via a one-time password (OTP), sent to their email address

  • Phone number, via a one-time password (OTP) sent to their phone number

  • Wallet, via the Sign In With Ethereum (SIWE) standard

  • Web2 social accounts (Google, Apple, Twitter, Discord)

  • Farcaster accounts are available via the Sign In With Farcaster (SIWF) standard.

Customisable Modal and In-dapp Wallet Manager

We provide a customizable widget modal and an in-dApp Wallet Manager, allowing developers to tailor authentication pop-ups and the wallet interface to their dapps' needs.

Streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO)

We offer a Single Sign-On (SSO) feature that maps email addresses as unique identifiers. This feature simplifies the login process and ensures the same address is generated and used, enhancing the reusability of user addresses.

Interoperability without Vendor Lock-in

We are backward compatible with the Lit Protocol, allowing existing Lit users to use the same account across different platforms and apps without needing a new address.

Session Keys

We use the Lit Protocol’s MPC network as the default session key post-authentication. These temporary session keys confirm transactions without continuous user signatures, improving user experience.

Unified Access with WalletConnect and other Aggregators

We are natively integrated with WalletConnect, enabling access to Aarc user addresses on dApps without direct OpenAuth API/Widget incorporation. This unifies all authentication processes onto a single screen.

In-built Key Rotation for Extra security

The OpenAuth kit enhances security by implementing key rotation for PKPs, ensuring the integrity and security of user data and transactions.

OpenAuth Use Cases

Secure User Onboarding

  • Unified Account Management: OpenAuth simplifies wallet creation and management by using familiar Web2 authentication methods like Gmail, making blockchain interactions more accessible.

  • Enhanced Security with PKPs: OpenAuth uses Lit Protocol's DKG to increase security, preventing single-node access to the full private key.

  • Key Rotation: OpenAuth has a key rotation mechanism that regularly updates key shares, reducing potential vulnerabilities.

Easy User Interoperability

  • WalletConnect Integration: OpenAuth extends user access within the Web3 ecosystem, allowing connections to various dApps.

  • Interoperable User Addresses: OpenAuth provides a single public address across services, reducing fragmentation and simplifying asset management.

Customizable User Experience

  • Customizable Interfaces: OpenAuth offers customizable modals and in-app wallet managers, allowing developers to tailor the aesthetics and functions of their dApps.

  • Tailored Security and Transaction Settings: OpenAuth enables customization of signing and authentication processes with Lit Actions.

Orchestrate User Identity

  • Support for Multiple Providers: OpenAuth supports various OAuth providers, ensuring a unified login experience.

  • Advanced Identity Orchestration: OpenAuth aids in creating a unified identity, connecting user authentication methods to a single account address.

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