Token Compatibility

To check if the token on a particular chain is supported

The isTokenSupported function in our SDK offers a crucial capability for developers and users to determine the compatibility and support status of specific tokens on designated blockchain networks. This function is vital for applications dealing in diverse cryptocurrencies, ensuring seamless integration and functionality within various blockchain ecosystems.

Expected parameters

isTokenSupported accepts the following parameters:

  • chainId: The chain id of the network where the token exists

  • tokenAddress: The address of the token to check.

Function Call

let isTokenSupported = await aarcSDK.isTokenSupported(
    137, // Chain id of the network
    "0x2271e3Fef9e15046d09E1d78a8FF038c691E9Cf9" // Token address


The response from the isTokenSupported will be:

    "sucess": boolean,
    "result": {
        "isSupported": boolean,
        "token": string


If you face any trouble, feel free to reach out to our engineers in the Telegram support group.

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