Wallet Module

The Aarc SDK seamlessly integrates with different smart wallets providers.

Start with the Migrator Package

  1. Install the package and other dependencies.

npm i @aarc-xyz/wallets ethers@6.9.2
  1. Import the package.

const ethers = require("ethers");
const { Wallets, WALLET_TYPE } = require("@aarc-xyz/wallets");
  1. Get the API KEY

Learn how to get the Aarc API Key from here.

  1. Initialise Aarc SDK

let aarcSDK = new Wallets(
    80001, // Chain id of the network
    "YOUR_RPC_URL" // RPC URL of the network

Smart Wallet Providers

Currently, Aarc SDK supports the following Smart Wallet Provider:

  • Safe

  • Biconomy

  • Alchemy

  • ZeroDev

  • Etherspot


With these Wallet Providers integrations, devs can deploy and query about the Smart Wallet directly using the aarcSDK

Now go ahead and bring better UX in web3!

The following are the functions available for every supported Smart Wallet Providers:

pageDeploy your Smart WalletpageGet your Smart Wallet Addresses

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