Deploy your Smart Wallet

You can deploy Smart Wallets using aarcSDK.


deployWallet accepts the following parameters:

  • owner: The address which will be the owner of the Smart Wallet.

  • walletType: The provider you are looking to deploy your Smart Wallet with. Check the supported wallet providers here.

  • signer: The signer object from ethers.

  • deploymentWalletIndex[OPTIONAL]: An EOA can deploy multiple wallets. You can specify the index.


  • If the wallet corresponding to the provided owner address (EOA_ADDRESS) and index (deploymentWalletIndex) is already deployed, the deployment process will not occur.

Deploy Smart Wallet

import { WALLET_TYPE } from "aarc-sdk/dist/utils/AarcTypes";

await aarcSDK.deployWallet({
  owner: EOA_ADDRESS,
  walletType: WALLET_TYPE.SAFE, // Smart Contract Wallet Provider.SAFE, // Smart Contract Wallet Provider
  signer: signer, // ethers.signer object
  deploymentWalletIndex: 0 // Optional -- Number: Since an EOA, can be used to deploy multiple wallets. you can supply any index and it will deploy wallet for you


This will be the following output you will receive after deploying a Smart Wallet:

  smartWalletOwner: string;
  deploymentWalletIndex: number;
  txHash: string;
  chainId: number;
  message?: string;


  • message only returns if the smart wallet is already deployed or an error occurred.

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