Get your Smart Wallet Addresses

To get the addresses of the Smart Wallet.


getSmartWalletAddresses accepts the following parameters:

  • walletType: The provider of the Smart Wallet you are fetching the address for. Check the supported wallet providers here.

  • owner: The owner of the Smart Wallet.

Get Smart Wallet Addresses

import { WALLET_TYPE } from "aarc-sdk/dist/utils/AarcTypes";

await aarcSDK.getSmartWalletAddresses({
  walletType: WALLET_TYPE.SAFE, // Smart Contract Wallet Provider
  owner: OWNER_ADDRESS // Smart Wallet Owner's address


This will return all the Smart Wallets whose owner is owner.

      address: string;
      isDeployed: boolean;
      walletIndex?: number;


  • If no Smart Wallet is deployed, then it will return the generated Smart Wallet address to the owner will have, with the isDeployed set to false and respective walletIndex.

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